Let’s talk print, let’s talk party dresses and let’s talk class.When it comes to print “Kitenge” there is quite a lot you can do.Like it or not,your clothes and presentation communicate a lot about you as a person.Have you ever  noticed that most politicians addresses their audience with their sleeves rolled up and without a jacket,that silently and instantly communicates to the audience that he too is a hard worker.

Your Clothes tells a story about you,even the way you wear your glasses speaks volumes  about you.I should look at a person wearing a certain shoe and be able to tell a bit of their personality,how much they earn  or whether they dances salsa.

Nowadays offices are not as strict as they used to be in terms of mode of dressing unless you work in a bank or something close to that like my friend Alice, who is always in a skirt suit and a serious face you can tell from a far that she is the risk consultant for a micro finance somewhere in  Waiyaki Way.

So why not dress fun and be confident at our workplaces?

Well,your kitenge dress,skirt or a cute ruffled top can do quite well for your super classy office wear,add some magic to your confidence or even  cheer your mood up.

Talk of attending a ruracio,going to see the inlaws(you dont want to put on a crop top and some ragged jeans to go see your mother in law now, do you?) or attending an event or a wedding.I mean who doesnt love comfortability,so there are ways you can rock your ankara skirt or a  dress with sandals,flat shoes or even rubber shoes(bata ngomas are my preference) and still kill the preferred look.You can still rock the skit or the dress with  your chunky heels or high heels if you want to slay or if you you want to outshine your cousins from ushago those that wears zile plastic flat shoes ones that can melt on your feet on a sunny day.

The beauty part of it is that you can rock a kitenge outfit  to the office,to a date or to an event.The most important thing is to know how to appropriately accessorize it.

And remember,when you are dressing or grooming,consider what it says about you and whether its in the line with the message you want to convey or not.

Take a look at  some of the kitenge pieces that i put together from shoptungatunga

You can Find them at The Greenhouse mall Ground floor