The contents of women’s personal spaces like handbags and medicine cabinets has become a kind of feminine performance, a shorthand to reveal something authentic, interesting, or at least aspirational.

On the other hand,most women find it very exclusive to show whats in their handbags,well maybe some are ashamed you will find a pair of slippers or even a loaf of bread in there.

I enjoy these “whats in my bag” articles in the magazines,where Victoria Secret models carry expensive beauty products and water bottles you may think they have their life all figured out.They actually make me feel poor or rather a lesser woman at times but you know what?I will still show you guys whats in my bag.

On the outside, I think I look put together. At least how I like to imagine myself from wearing clean pants,paying my bills and chama on time, watering and nurturing my Monstera plant,which i got a month ago and i love it,I have a good job, I do my very best to save money and workout on a weekly basis.

But that’s just the thing. We’re all lying to each other. On the outside, we can look put together, but it’s what’s within our insides that makes us who we are. Thus why I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the inner workings of my purse. It’s not fair to say I have it together. Because I don’t. And the proof is in the purse lining.

Charger:this is one thing i will never leave the house without.I will be sick if i am offline,if you know me you would probably know this.

Wet wipes:For reasons known to most women you should never lack some wipes or tissues in your handbag you never know what will happen to your dress during a cocktail party,i mean accidents do happen.

Lipstick:My fav Joanna K lipstick (unapologetic) is always in my bag,you know for make up refreshing purposes.

Make up brush:I have a very oily face,and it becomes too shiny at times so my brush comes through a good one.It saves the day.

Mirror:If anyone in the office needs to check a pimple on their forehead they all know who cant miss a mirror in their bags,me.Well am just a girl.

Wallet:This i think is in everyone’s bag.No one wants to keep their money scattered all over the handbag ruining your favorite lip gloss.Heck No.

Passport:I don’t carry my passport all the time,but most weekdays i visit the Immigration office and i will need it,so it tags along sometime.

Gum:I will always have a gum in my bag,well to keep my breath in check and my mouth busy.Don’t borrow a gum when you see me next.

Note book & Pen:I like writing down new ideas wherever i am,so my notebook and pen always tags along everywhere i go.

Panty Liner:As a woman,you should be like a scout,always ready for absolutely anything.Our bodies misbehave at times and a panty liner in your bag might just come to your rescue.

You may also find leftover steak wrapped with an aluminium foil,or a banana or even a half full packet of potato chips that were saved from last night’s Netflix binging. But who cares!

With all that said,we can agree that we can learn a lot about each other if we just take a minute to remember we all have a handbag and a linen closet and a heart where nothing makes sense. We are all a little messy, unsure, and trying to get by with the simple movements of the day.


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