Wake Up Call

I was talking to my friend Kelvin the other day about how accidents have wiped away very young and promising souls, he is fascinated by things governance and politics. How can a young man like kelvin be interested in politics, I thought they say it’s a dirty game? You ask He works with one of the Kenyan county Governments, that’s why, also he is hoping to vie for MCA soon, Inshallah. Tell you what? He is the inspiration behind this story.

Non-fictionalized accounts of horrific accidents, bereavements and loosing or deforming body organs is a nightmare that we must try to awake as the people and society of Kenya- the sooner the better! Sad, that each passing day due to human distractions and or judgment errors, many that could be avoided; we end up losing very productive energies that should be busy writing the future of this nation in the sands of time, we end up losing heroes and heroines. We are at watershed moments! Things will not change unless we take action, it’s time to stand up in unity and fight.

I refuse, I completely refuse to believe that as a society, recklessness is our new normal. No more milk of human decency is flowing through our veins, that the only way we can behave is like suicide bombers looking for people to kill or kamikaze looking for were to explode. People driving recklessly as the boys in blue bury their heads in the sand for what?A wrinkled fifty shillings? Come on, guys!

The late Michuki’s legacy as the Minister for Transport and Communications was the famous “Michuki Rules” aimed at restoring order in public transport, especially the chaotic Matatu sector nowadays called the matwana and the manyangas. The rules which came into effect in February 2004 required all matatus and buses to install speed governors, passenger safety belts, operate in clearly defined routes, to carry a specified number of passengers and their drivers and conductors to be disciplined and to have a clean security record. But we have ignored and soiled these rules like no one’s business, they have no speed governors anymore, the drivers and conductors are don’t care anymore.

On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that matatu graffiti has brought in a lot of creative freedom in the art industry. It has also created employment for most of our youths with talent. I appreciate the artistic beauty that comes with these graffiti and they become more comfortable and flashy to board. Guys, we can enjoy the stylish graffiti, the comfortable and ass soothing seats, the wall to wall TV screens and still play it safe.
We must stop. We must rethink. We must reboot. We must save lives and body organs. It all starts with me, with you and together collectively we will do it to save the many souls that are lost, the many organs that break and the costly accidents.

Where do we go from here? If only we would stop looking at the proverbial tree, but stand away and look at the forest instead.
No matter the policy framework or legal penalties, as a society we must stay woke to the reality that, We should not hide behind trauma, financial stresses, failing relationships to cover up for our countless errors of judgment that result in accidents.

We’ve lost too many, in this insane statistics.

We can’t afford to live as if this is a new way of life.

Conscience, let’s put Kenya before any self-seeking parochial interests.

One thought on “Wake Up Call

  1. Mugambi Kelvin September 20, 2019 / 7:53 am

    Woow! Such an honest piece and very informative.Yes we need to make road safety a personal responsibility.

    Haha! Politics has always been a dicey game.You need the skin of a hippo to be in it


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