A Daughter Of Mumbi

My girl Mish hasn’t felt this way since the Reagan administration.She believes in marriage,yes,but after being independent.I totally get her, I mean, a girl is on her early twenties, she is trying to put things in place, focusing on achieving her goals of being an independent woman, though she wants to get married someday,that will happen after she establishes her grounds, when she owns a car and a plot in Joska. She is a daughter of Mumbi and you know they believe in the principle of dominance,so well I don’t blame her we are like that,but do we say.

Her boyfriend, Rick, on the other hand, wants to go see her parents, kuhanda ithigi then settle down and have kids. Rick has a well-paying job and he owns a house in Loresho. He thinks that’s enough wealth to have a housewife. This is one thing Mish being a cultured kikuyu woman can never allow, she wants to have her businesses and secure her bag. She is not even sure if this guy is serious yet since he has been promising things and he never fulfills. Not to forget he still owes her last year’s birthday present, though I did tell her to forget about it, all the same, She thinks he can be a responsible father since he is hardworking and all but if a man makes empty promises oh! It’s a red flag hunnay.

It’s on a Friday morning, and Mish is on leave, Rick has a meeting in Kapsabet.”That’s a perfect road trip” Mish says to herself. So they embark on the journey very early in the morning, they drive through the foggy ridges of Kereita chatting and listening to music. As the Hot 96 FM frequency fades away, they get to the great rift. The atmosphere changes and the car gets warmer. Mish receives a call from her chic friend, they chat a bit then she tells her that she is at her neighborhood and whether she can chomoka. So the lady joins the couple for breakfast after a while at Java House Nakuru. She is quite talkative, so Rick is just there nodding and smiling to stories he didn’t even comprehend. The ladies are so excited to have met, and so they are chatting and laughing loudly, they excuse themselves and heads to the washrooms. Rick is a smart guy, he realizes it will take a while so he pays the bill and heads to the car giving the two girls ample time to conclude on their chic stories. Mish tells her friend that they are on their way to Kapsabet to see some guy for business. Immediately the lady grabs her hand and they both ran towards a wines and spirits store across. She buys Mish a pack of beer and tells her that no road trip without beer. They hug goodbye and she joins Rick in the car ready to continue with the journey. “Well that was awkward,” Rick says, Mish looks at him surprised. “I don’t understand,the almond croissant that you ordered or the weird guy who was sitting behind us?” Rick tries to find the right words to say that he doesn’t like this friend, but all he could say was “it just felt awkward sharing a table with your friend for the first time, she seems nice though.

The atmosphere in the car changes, Mish didn’t buy Ricks explanation as to why the breakfast was awkward so she decides not to make the situation any worse by asking more questions. There is a weird kind of silence in the car and Mish gets bored, She reaches out to the beer pack, Rick seeing that he tells her not to open it inside the car and that it’s against traffic rules to drink in a car she should wait until they arrive. Well, this is new, Mish has always gone for road trips with her friends and they always bring a mzinga on board. Who is this guy to tell me not to, I am not driving, I don’t even misbehave when am tipsy, so why the hell would this guy ask me not to enjoy my beer? Or is it because he doesn’t drink and he is jealous that I will have fun alone? She goes ahead and opens the beer regardless.

They arrive at their destination, it’s some local Nyama choma joint, which has several private thatched-roof cubicles, they get into the one that has Las Vegas board on the door. To be honest, the name was wasted, that cubical had nothing Las Vegas-like, so they sit and a tall skinny Kalenjin waitress joins them to take their orders. Mish orders a glass of red wine while Rick asks for the zero sugar coke. They are both on their phones when Rick receives a call from the guy he was to meet up with. He gives him the directions to Las Vegas and tells him that he is wekaing a kanyama.

A tall bearded guy peeps on the door after a few minutes later, he is Kiplagat, the guy who made Mish experience the most boring road trip in her whole life. He shakes their hands and sits down. The guys get into business talk and Mish decides to take a stroll outside, taking selfies on the washroom mirror and all. She comes back and they eat Nyama together before heading to Boma where they will be spending their night.

Mish gets into deep thought, on their way to the hotel, she feels like the guy is trying to push her too hard, with all the conditions. As if he wants to change her, he wants her to be someone she is not. She decides to be honest with the guy. Well, you know how most guys are so full of themselves? Rick is those guys. He refuses to see anything wrong with that and tells Mish to stop nagging. That’s when Mish decides to take a break from the relationship, to give this dude a chance to rethink whether he wants to stay with her or he has had enough of himself. Though she doesn’t tell him, she decides to show Rick by actions instead. They travel back home the following day, Mish packs her few clothes that were at Rick’s house and goes back to her apartment.

I wouldn’t blame Mish for doing what she did; maybe it’s for the best. Because you can never change a person unless they decide to change by themselves. Yeah, I agree it’s good to sacrifice some things for the sake of our relationships, but you should not push someone too hard or you should not try to change someone or you will end up pushing them away from you forever.

5 thoughts on “A Daughter Of Mumbi

  1. Mutava September 12, 2019 / 12:58 pm

    This sounds familiar… Nobody should change you in any way for you to fit the kind of person they are.. If you can’t accept me for what I am then it ain’t worth it 🙄


    • thephyfactor September 12, 2019 / 1:07 pm

      very true .If you love me,you should love me with my flaws


  2. Kandy September 12, 2019 / 1:32 pm

    Awsome article…keep up


  3. Grace September 12, 2019 / 2:30 pm

    That was hilarious!


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