The Predicament

We have all written letters in our lives,whether you wrote it to that primary school girl you had a crush on or you wrote to your mum to apologize for eating all her bananas,Some letters are therapeutic,like when you write to your ex,then burn it,it brings some kind of satisfaction.But today, i will write mine to CANCER.

Dear Cancer,

I’ll get right to the point, you suck!!!!!!!. There is nothing good that anyone can stand and say about you. You are mean, cruel and vile.You take away our loved ones without mercy,you cause pain in their bodies and in our hearts.You make them feel like jumping off a plane or praying to God to just take away their lives so that the endless pain will halt.You have caused pain and misery to many and you continue to induce more and more pain in their hearts.

‘I recently read a blog by Mary Noon,who was diagnosed with papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in 2011,which is Cancer of the neck in layman’s language.She says that she has never been on other peoples side of things,She has never had a close friend or family member tell her they had an incurable disease,so she decided to keep the news to herself and just told very close people in her life.”People would not even believe me,am a healthy-good looking typical 27 year old woman,and i have nothing disease-like about me ,but most of the times its mental”.

But lets talk people,Cancer is a real pain in the ass and there is no good cancer,yes there are those types that doesn’t decrease your life’s expectancy in a jiffy but there is absolutely nothing like a good cancer.Cancer is a complete nightmare.From the moment the doctor says”you have cancer” to starting chemo,to surgeries and radiation pills i mean,it never gets any better.You might spend the day with a cancer patient,and receive the news that they are dancing with the angels the following day.

We,as the Nation are mourning and i will personally propose and support the motion on making cancer a national calamity.It is so selfish,its taking away our heroes and very significant leaders away.Apart from the three strong leaders we have lost to cancer this month,there are a lot of people out there succumbing to cancer everyday,which we don’t know of, since they are not shown on National television.I strongly believe that there is something that can and must be done.We should not stay calm and let this monster take away all our loved ones.,being the world’s platform for change,is now asking people to sign a petition for zero rate tax on cancer drugs and medical equipment and Free cancer Essential drugs.Most people are diagnosed with cancer but they do not have enough money to fly abroad for treatment,so if we can get cancer equipments locally it will do us more good.I advocate for putting up centers where people can get free cancer screening early enough in every county,that way one can stand a chance to be treated.

Apart from eating healthy and exercising,its very important to know our family’s health history.Anyone with a family member who has suffered from cancer,experts says that,he/she has a 50 per cent chance of getting the disease.Current technology allows for genetic testing to determine if one has cancer genes.So its advisable to be cautious of any noticeable changes and symptoms in our bodies and to go for cancer screening regularly since cancer can be treated if the virus is detected early enough.

You do not discriminate against age, race, gender or religion. you are heartless and thoughtless.Once someone is diagnosed with it you have decisions to make. Treatments to consider. Or not to consider.The choice is always yours and yours alone.Hopefully one will have a support system who will be there to hold your hand or prepare a meal for you.No one should ever travel this path alone,team work gives one strength to fight even more.

I hope one day death will also meet death and die. You do not have the upper hand,so Deal with It!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Predicament

  1. Grace August 29, 2019 / 5:31 pm

    The monster will die someday. 🙏


  2. Mutava August 31, 2019 / 6:40 pm

    It’s starts with one person and am happy you have opened up the conversation 💕😭


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