Bed of Roses?….No

Apart from the Australian drama series where Louisa(the starring) works her ass off to feed herself and her 13 yr old daughter after her husband dies in the arms of another woman,,,what a Jack!!! or…………… this rock song which was released by Bon Jovi in a hotel room suffering from a hangover,with 5 bottles of vodka lodged in his head ….‘Bed of Roses‘ …If Mrs Kamatu my English teacher didn’t waste her time ,its an idiom which means an effortless,easy or a luxurious situation.

Miranda,is my good friend and high school mate, and like most ladies she loves roses,i mean we all love roses,but for her they do things to her. Joshua also does things to her,yea he has an ancient name coz he is ancient,modern parents name their kids Bryden and Jayden.Joshua is Miranda’s blesser,the way Akothee refers to the big stomached with sagging moobs old wazee) he sneaks out of his house and lies to his wife that he has golf with the boys or he has a business trip and orders rose petals to be spread all over a fancy hotel room floor and bed on certain occasions.

She was turning 25 last week and Joshua throws her this invites only kind of party in a private Hotel club in Kile.Moet & Chandon were the kind of drinks that people took with nyama choma.Everyone was having the fun of their lives dancing their butts away,but i noticed Miranda sitting by the pool,so i approach her and asks her why she was sitted there while her bomb party is going on.

Kumbe all that glitters is not gold,I sit down,put my champagne glass down as she narrates her predicament. ” Phy , it might seem as easy and as fun as eating a bowl of cherries but trust me its not” Miranda says,So am just there wondering, how can one have all these and still be unhappy.I mean its every girls dream to have birthday parties in some posh Hotel in Kile, visit the Bali and go for a desert safari,but it was not the case.

So as she continues to narrate how she swims in dollars but have never genuinely felt a man’s affection since she started seeing him.Well,what do you expect from a 60 yr old and diabetic mzee,to do all monkey styles in 30 minutes?he is not as energetic as a 25 yrs old ,what the old man wants, is a head massage and a rub on his big belly,take his insulin shot and sleep until the following morning.Well,Miranda on the other hand wants a night full of fun.So i ask her,what do you want?You don’t want to take a diabetic old man to hike the Ngong hills or dance Shaku Shaku the whole night at space now do you?

I remind her of Alfy,her highschool sweetheart,he was cute but broke so she chose to cry on a Range Rover than to smile on a boda boda,which clearly she was smiling and bleeding inside at the same time.But he could be the perfect guy for her right now,since he used to love her genuinely,when she didn’t even know how to apply make up or to put on wigs.

Suggestively,i tell her to check on Alfy and find out how he is,and maybe they can catch up,instead of living in a cage in the name of a luxurious life.So she agrees and we go back inside,everyone is drunk and dancing,we join them on the dance floor and get to it.After a few minutes,a text pops up on her phone,it says,,,,’At Room 406,Join me’the text is from Joshua and that’s when Miranda knew she is about to pay for that gaf party ,well ofcourse she wasn’t going to write him a cheque now was she!

She ignores the text and continues dancing,looking over the Dj’s deck,there he was,with his eyes full of fury.I give Miranda a signal,she walks towards him,even before she talks she gets the heaviest blow of her life,then they both walk towards the dark corridor,thats when i realised that the relationship was not only toxic emotionally but physically too,i followed them and i overheard them quarrel loudly on the terrace then she comes back crying.She grabs my hand and tells me that we should to leave.

I was wondering how we were walking out of her own party and leave all of her friends.But we did it anyway,we got into her car and drove to my place,where she vowed to walk out of the relationship with Josh and focus on her happiness and maybe consider Alfy.

Well,maybe just maybe……….its not always a Bed of Roses.


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