The 90’s Nostalgic Comeback

There’s something about a vintage piece that just captures your soul well, It grabs the attention of everyone around you and its memory is glued in their medulla oblongata for ages. So i am here perusing the pages of my grandma’s old album, oh!  Yes she still has it that has a funny photo of two lovers on the outer cover and man! You could see the glow that came with that pleated skirt with a pair of shiny moccasins and a leather sling bag while my grandpa rocked some extra-large vintage shirt and a bell bottom both embedded in love, and my grandma taps my shoulder and starts narrating how they could have happy photo sessions with the whole neighborhood after winning a battle with the colonizers.

Vintage gives live and brings that good old  feeling of  magical antiques hanged on a museum and well on my friend Muthoni’s hallway since she can never leave a fine piece of art lying somewhere, she will buy it go hang it on her hallway and they give her  joy, well she is married to art.

Don’t deny it guys am sure we are all  loving the comeback  of crop tops, leather jackets, palazzo pants, waist bags and the denims and we are rocking them bad!!!!!!

As they say, OLD IS GOLD.

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